Steam and Iron : Campaign Expansion (CD ROM Edition)

Steam and Iron : Campaign Expansion (CD ROM Edition)

Product Description


Steam and Iron campaign is one of the most complete operational-tactical WW1 naval combat simulations ever published. It includes four different campaigns or variants. The North Sea Campaign covers the entire naval war from 1914 to 1918 in more than 200 weekly campaign turns of naval operations. It includes over 800 ships, from superdreadnoughts to armed trawlers, and dozens of submarines and coastal batteries. Organize your fleet, train it and lead it to victory. Plan the missions of your fleet, including submarine patrols and minelaying, and then play out the scenarios using Steam and Iron. Missions can range from small minelaying missions or small raids with a couple of light cruisers up to massive clashes between the entire Grand Fleet and High Seas fleet. You, as the admiral, decide what forces to allocate to a mission, subject to ship availability and logistic limitations. Even maintenance and mechanical mishaps are included. For those who want a smaller campaign, there is the 1916 campaign covering one year. And if you want to try out ships that never were, there is a Germany Stronger campaign from 1916 until the end of the war, featuring the Mackensen and Ersatz Yorck classes as well as the Sachsen and Würtemberg, and the Hood on the British side. There is also the Baltic campaign focusing on the less well known naval war between Germany and Russia in the Baltic. Steam and Iron Campaign is a must for naval enthusiasts and WW1 buffs, recapturing the greatest naval conflict between dreadnought battlefleets ever. Note that Stam and Iron Campaign requires ownership of Steam and Iron.