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* Below is a list of wargame titles available for ordering and shipping rates.

* Please allow for about 3-5 business days for processing orders.

* All titles are the latest available editions.

* Maximum of 4 boxed board game titles per order.

* I will attempt to match or beat any competing lower price + shipping total.

* Please contact me for any special requests or to add more available titles to the listings below.

* Coming soon titles can be pre-ordered but only one specific title per order.

* All titles below are new except for those listed in the "used games" section at the bottom.

* Shipping rates include priority mail or FEDEX ground delivery for all boxed board game orders.

* To order contact me at the email addresses shown below or through my Facebook page for an emailed invoice.

* Thank you friends for the support! :-)

*** Contact Information ***

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nws.wargaming.store
My email address is warshipfc@yahoo.com

*** SHIPPING RATES: (USA Priority Mail or FEDEX Ground)
* Note, book or magazine only orders may be shipped using book rate delivery.

$5 (E) Envelope (+$2 addon title)
$12 (S) Small box (+$4 addon title)
$14 (M) Medium box (+$5 addon title)
$16 (L) Large box (+$6 addon title)
$18 (X) Very large box (+$7 addon title)

*************** Wargame Listings ***************

*** Academy Games ***

(L) ACG Awakening the Bear $53
(S) ACG Awakening the Bear Firefight Generator $31
(L) ACG Guadalcanal $53
(S) ACG Eastern Front Solo Expansion $31

*** Clash of Arms ***

(M) COA Ligny $82
(M) COA Dresde $86
(M) COA Quatre Bras 2nd Ed. $42
(S) COA Mollwitz $49
(S) COA Moscowa $89 *ships in plain white box*
(S) COA Prague $55 *ships in plain white box*
(S) COA Monmouth $43 *ships in plain white game box*
(S) COA Fires of Midway $40
(E) COA Devils to Pay (Summer Storm Expansion) $15
(S) COA Summer Storm $55
(S) COA Army of the Heartland $38
(S) COA Lutzen $55
(S) COA Six Days of Glory $25
(S) COA Jena $31
(S) COA 1807: The Eagles Turn East $31 *ships in plain white game box*
(S) COA Amateurs to Arms $61

*** Compass Games ***

(S) CMP Raiders of the Deep $62
(S) CMP African Campaign $36
(S) CMP Fall of the Third Reich $49
(S) CMP Red Star/White Eagle $48
(S) CMP Saipan $74
(S) CMP Guam $80
(S) CMP South China Sea $48
(S) CMP Brezhnev’s War $43
(S) CMP Blood On The Ohio $38
(M) CMP Montélimar Anvil Of Fate $85
(M) CMP Enemy Action: Ardennes $85
(M) CMP Absolute Victory $108
(M) CMP Tricorne: The American Revolution $66
(S) CMP Sovereign Of The Seas $65
(S) CMP Red Poppies : Ypres $54
(M) CMP Steel Wolves $77
(S) CMP Battle Hymn Vol. 1 - Gettysburg and Pea Ridge $48
(S) CMP A Las Barricadas! 2nd Edition $46
(S) CMP Korea: Fire And Ice $52
(S) CMP Nightfighter Ace $60 * COMING SOON! *
(S) CMP Empires And Alliances $60
(S) CMP 1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany $48
(S) CMP Paths To Hell $50
(S) CMP Prelude to a Rebellion $65
(S) CMP La Bataille De France 1940 $49
(S) CMP Lion of Judah $43
(S) CMP Red Poppies #2: Limanowa $41
(S) CMP Bitter Woods Designer Edition $53
(S) CMP Forgotten Legions, Designer Signature Edition $49 *COMING SOON!*
(S) CMP Pacific Tide 1941-45 $37 *COMING SOON!*
(S) CMP France 1944: Designer Signature Edition $43 *COMING SOON! *
(S) CMP Hearts And Minds - 1965 To 1975 3rd Ed $43 *COMING SOON! *
(S) CMP Tinian $60 *COMING SOON!*

*** Dan Verssen Games DVG ***

(M) DVG B-17 Leader $50
(M) DVG Corsair Leader $55 *COMING SOON!*
(S) DVG Sherman/Tiger Leader Map Tiles Pack $16
(M) DVG Sherman or Tiger Leader Neoprene Mat $18
(M) DVG Thunderbolt Apache Leader $50
(M) DVG Phantom Leader $50
(M) DVG Hornet Leader $50 * REPRINT COMING SOON! *
(M) DVG Tiger Leader $50 * REPRINT COMING SOON! *
(S) DVG Tiger/Sherman Leader Update Kit $15
(M) DVG Sherman Leader $50
(M) DVG Gato Leader $43
(M) DVG U-Boat Leader $43
(M) DVG Corsair Leader $55 * COMING SOON! *
(M) DVG IAF Leader $50
(L) DVG Fleet Commander Nimitz /w Mounted Battle Board $60
(L) DVG Field Commander Napoleon $55
(S) DVG Warfighter WW2 $35
(S) DVG Warfighter Modern $35
* Please contact me for expansions, maps, miniatures, etc.

*** Decision Games ***

(S) DCG D-Day At Peleliu $50
(S) DCG D-Day At Omaha $50
(S) DCG D-Day at Tarawa $50
(S) DCG D-Day at Iow Jima $50 *COMING SOON!*
(M) DCG World War I Deluxe $50
(E) DCG Folio Games $17*
(E) DCG Mini-Folio Games $8-$11*
(E) S&T Magazine/Game $20-$26*
(E) S&T Magazine/Game Special Editions $31*
(E) Modern War Magazine/Game Editions $20-$37*
(E) World at War Magazine/Game Editions $20-$26*
*Please contact me for specific folio & magazine titles*

*** GMT Games ***

(E) GMT Next War Supplement $14
(M) GMT American Revolution Tri Pack $41
(M) GMT COIN A Distant Plain $48 *COMING SOON!*
(M) GMT COIN Andean Abyss $46 *COMING SOON!*
(M) GMT COIN Cuba Libre $43 *COMING SOON!*
(M) GMT COIN Falling Sky $49 *COMING SOON!*
(M) GMT COIN Fire in the Lake $52 *COMING SOON!*
(E) GMT Fire in the Lake Upgrade Kit $28 *COMING SOON!*
(M) GMT COIN Pendragon $57
(M) GMT Cataclysm $49
(M) GMT Commands & Colors Napoleonics $46
(M) GMT Here I Stand - 500th Anniversary Edition $54
(M) GMT Here I Stand - 500th Anniversary Edition $54
(M) GMT Hitlers Reich $43 *COMING SOON!*
(M) GMT Liberty or Death $50
(M) GMT Skies Above the Reich $54 *COMING SOON!*
(M) GMT Skies above the Reich $54 *** COMING SOON! ***
(S) GMT 1846 $42
(M) GMT Gallipoli 1915 $63 *COMING SOON!*
(S) GMT Sun of York: The Wars of the Roses $24
(S) GMT 1805: Seas of Glory $24
(S) GMT Arquebus: Men of Iron $41
(S) GMT At Any Cost: Metz 1870 $33
(S) GMT Austerlitz 1805: Rising Eagles $41
(S) GMT Blackbeard $38
(S) GMT Colonial Twilight $46
(S) GMT Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid $38
(S) GMT Fields of Fire, 2nd Edition $46
(S) GMT Fighting Formations: Kharkov Expansion $29
(S) GMT Fort Sumter $28
(S) GMT History of the Roman Empire Board Game $18
(S) GMT Holland 44 $35
(S) GMT Illusions of Glory $40
(S) GMT Labyrinth The Awakening Expansion $21
(S) GMT MBT $57
(S) GMT MBT Expansion: BAOR $40
(S) GMT MBT Expansion: FRG $40
(S) GMT Next War India-Pakistan $52
(S) GMT Next War Poland $54
(S) GMT Next War Taiwan $52
(S) GMT No Retreat The Russian Front Deluxe Edition $40
(S) GMT PQ-17: Arctic Naval Operations $26
(S) GMT Pensacola 1781 $24
(S) GMT Twin Peaks $24
(S) GMT Ukraine '43 $35
(S) GMT Unconditional Surrender $43

*** Legion Wargames ***

(S) LW Picket Duty 2nd Edition $41
(S) LW Demyansk Shield $36
(S) LW Quatre Batailles en Espagne $54
(S) LW Target for Today $45
(S) LW B-29 Superfortress $33
(S) LW Hell over Korea $25
(S) LW Blenheim 1794 $34
(S) LW The Great Game $38
(S) LW Toulon $41
(S) LW Tanga $38
(S) LW Redvers Reverse $35
(S) LW Rosebud Creek $35
(S) LW Little Bighorn $40
(S) LW Nemesis: Burma $37
(S) LW Slouch Hats Eggshells $30
(S) LW B-26 Marauder $44 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Dunkerque $34 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Dien Bien Phu $38 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Russo-Japanese War $56 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Air Raid Pearl Harbor $44 ** COMING SOON!
(S) LW Tatchanka $38 ** COMING SOON!
(S) LW A Glorious Chance $44 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Corregidor $44 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross $51 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Heart of Darkness $44 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) LW Zeppelins $50 ** COMING SOON!

*** Multiman Publishing MMP ***

(S) MMP Roads to Gettysburg II $115
(S) MMP Atlanta is Ours $94
(M) MMP Operation Mercury $94
(S) MMP Panzer Battles Chir River $29
(S) MMP IGS Angola $50
(S) MMP BCS Baptism in Fire Kasserine $43
(M) MMP BCS Last Blitzkrieg $73
(S) MMP BCS Brazen Chariots $53 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) MMP Heights of Courage $25
(S) MMP IGS Last Stand: Battle for Moscow $32 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) MMP Kawagachis Gamble $28 *clearance*
(S) MMP OCS Smolensk $47 ** COMING SOON! **
(S) MMP OCS Korea Forgotten War $50
(M) MMP OCS Beyond the Rhine $75
(E) MMP OCS Sicily II $27
(S) MMP OCS Blitzkrieg Legend $60
(S) MMP OCS Tunisia II $35
(M) MMP SCS Day of Days $68
(S) MMP SCS It Never Snows $50
(S) MMP Dien Bien Phu $30
(M) MMP ASL Yanks $84
(S) MMP ASL Hatten in Flames $40 *COMING SOON!*
(L) MMP ASL Red Factories $105 ** COMING SOON! **
(M) MMP ASL Armies of Oblivion $97 ** COMING SOON! **
(M) MMP ASL Forgotten War Korea $84
(S) MMP ASL Starter Kit #3 $27
(E) MMP ASL Action Pack #6 $24
(E) MMP ASL Action Pack #10 $15
(E) MMP ASL Action Pack #11 $18
(E) MMP ASL Action Pack #12 $12
(E) MMP ASL Action Pack #13 $16
(E) MMP ASL Journal #2 $34
(E) MMP ASL Journal #12 $18
(E) MMP ASL Journal #11 $26
(E) MMP ASL Turning the Tide $15
(E) MMP ASL Out of the Attic #2 $15
(E) MMP ASL Best of Friends $12
(E) MMP ASL Rivers to the Reich $15
(E) MMP ASL Pocket Rulebook $35
(E) MMP ASL Out of the Attic 2 $15
(M) MMP ASL Rulebook, 2nd Edition $56
(E) MMP Special Ops #1 $15
(E) MMP Special Ops #2 $15
(E) MMP Operations Wargaming Journal #2 $23
(E) MMP Winter Offensive Series 2012/15 $11, 2016 $13 *clearance*

*** Plastic Soldier Company ***

(L) PSC Battle of Britain $55

*** Against the Odds / Turning Point Simulations ***
[All ATOs and TPSs are the full game deluxe boxed editions]

(E) ATO Standard editions $24 each
(E) ATO Annual editions $27 each (2013 $30)
(E) ATO Campaign Study editions $27 each
(E) TPS editions $22 each

*** Other Publishers ***

(M) SJG Ogre Battle Box $45 *COMING SOON!*
(M) SJG Ogre 6th Edition $30
(S) SJG Ogre Reinforcements $13
(E) SJG Ogre: Objective 218 $8

*** Bargain Bin titles.. toss me a reasonable offer! :)

(E) DVG Modern Naval Battles Campaign Expansion
(S) DVG Down in Flames Aces High
(S) WGP Medwar Sicily
(S) EXCALIBRE GAMES Sovereign of the Seas
(S) DCG Battle Cry of Freedom
(S) EXCALIBRE GAMES Wings 1916-1918
(S) EXCALIBRE GAMES Ironclads Expansion Kit
(S) DCG Nuts! North and South Front Combo Pack
(S) 3W Games Salvo I and Salvo II
(S) WGP Band of Brothers Texas Arrows
(E) Lightning Card Game: War on Terror
(E) Lightning Card Game: D-Day
(E) Skirmish Campaigns : Screaming Eagles Hamburger Hill
(E) Victory at Sea Age of Dreadnoughts
(E) Victory at Sea Far Flung Seas
(E) MicroHistory Fire When Ready
(E) Skimishing Campaigns: Screaming Eagles Hamburger Hill
(E) Avalanche Press Airborne
(E) Avalanche Press Winter Wonderland
(E) Excalibre Games Crimea
(E) Excalibre Games Total War
(S) DVG Field Commander Rommel 1st Edition

****** USED GAMES ******


(S) THE GAMERS In their Quiet Fields Revised Edition
(S) 3W GAMES Shot and Shell
(S) GMT Flying Colors ‐ 1st edition (2005)
(S) ATTACTIX Fight for the Sky : Battle of Britain 1940
(S) GMT GAMES Eighth Air Force
(S) SPI Sinai
(S) WEST END GAMES Tank Leader Eastern Front
(S) WEST END GAMES Tank Leader Western Front
(S) GDW Sands of War
(S) LOCK N LOAD Dawns Early Light
(S) GMT GAMES C&C Ancients : Exp 2 Rome vs Barbarians
(S) GDW Team Yankee
(S) Victory Games NATO