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Add this special to your cart, one starter set and one boxed set from the lists below, and get the boxed set for free! Note, the free discount for the boxed set will be applied as a credit refund when I process your order. Thanks! :-)

Starter Set Options

Bolt Action 2 Starter Set - "Band of Brothers"
Bolt Action Banzai! Imperial Japanese Starter Army
Bolt Action Blitzkrieg German Army
Bolt Action British Airborne Starter Army
Bolt Action British Army starter army
Bolt Action United States Starter Army
Bolt Action Semper Fidelis - US Marines Starter Army
Bolt Action Soviet Starter Army
Bolt Action German Grenadiers Starter Army
Bolt Action Fallschirmjager Starter Army
Tank War: British starter set
Tank War: German starter set
Tank War: Soviet starter set
Tank War: US starter set
Pegasus Bridge second edition

"Liberty or Death" American War of Independence Battle Set
American War of Independence British Army starter set
American War of Independence Continental Army starter set

Algoryn Starter Army
Concord Combined Command Starter Army
Freeborn Starter Army
Ghar Empire Starter Army
Beyond the Gates of Antares Starter Set
Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike on Kar'A Nine

La Haye Sainte battle set
Napoleonic British starter army (Peninsular campaign)
Napoleonic British starter army (Waterloo campaign)
Napoleonic French starter army (Peninsular campaign)
Napoleonic French starter army (Waterloo campaign)
Napoleonic Russian Starter Army
Waterloo - Black Powder Starter Set
Farmhouse Assault - La Haye Sainte Collectors Edition

Successor Starter Army
The Roman Invasion of Britain
Hail Caesar - Conquest of Gaul starter set German
Imperial Roman Starter Army boxed set

Pike & Shotte starter battalia
Samurai Starter Army
Marlborough's Wars Starter Army

Soviet Konflikt '47 Starter Set
German Konflikt '47 Starter Set
US Konflikt '47 Starter Set
Konflikt 47 Japanese Starter Set
British Konflikt '47 Starter Set

Free Boxed Set Options

Algoryn Armoured Infantry
Algoryn Command Squad
American War of Independence: British Infantry Regiment
Ancient British Warriors
Ancient Celts: Celtic Warriors plastic boxed set
Anglo-Zulu War: British Line Infantry Regiment
British Airborne WWII Allied Paratroopers
British Household Brigade
British Line Infantry (Peninsular War)
British Union Brigade
C3M4 Combat Drone
C3T7 Transporter Drone
Caesarian Romans with gladius
Caesarian Romans with pilum
Chi-Ha Japanese tank
Churchill Tank (Plastic)
Colonial Militia Men (Plastic Box)
Concord Strike Squad (Plastic Box)
Continental Infantry Regiment (Plastic Box)
Crimean War: British Line Regiment 1853-1856
Domari Squad
Early Imperial Romans: Legionaries and Scorpion boxed set
Early Imperial Romans: Praetorian Guard
Early Imperial Romans: Veterans
Fallschirmjager (plastic box)
Field Artillery and Army Commanders
Firelock Storming Party plastic boxed set
French Chasseurs a Cheval
French Hussars
French Indian War 1754-1763: British Regular Infantry boxed set
French Old Guard Grenadiers
Ghar Assault Squad (plastic)
Ghar Battle Squad (Plastic)
Ghar Bomber Squad (plastic)
Greeks: Ancient Greek Hoplites
Greeks: Classical Greek Phalanx
Hessian regiment (Plastic Box)
Highlanders Regiment
Imperialist Infantry Regiment boxed set
Landsknechts Pikemen
M10 Tank Destroyer/Wolverine (Plastic Box)
M4 Sherman medium tank (plastic)
Macedonians: Phalangites plastic set
Macedonians: Royal Guard plastic boxed set
Marlborough's Wars: Artillery battery
Marlborough's Wars: Cavalry of the Grand Alliance
Marlborough's Wars: Cavalry of the Sun King
Marlborough's Wars: Infantry of the Grand Alliance
Married Zulu Impi
Napoleonic British Line Infantry (Waterloo campaign)
Napoleonic French Line Infantry
Napoleonic French Line Lancers
Napoleonic Hanoverian Line Infantry Regiment plastic boxed set
Napoleonic Portuguese Line Infantry
Napoleonic War Late French Light Infantry
Napoleonic War Late French Line Infantry (1812-1815)
Napoleonic Wars: Russian Line Infantry (1812-1815) plastic boxed set
Natal Native Contingent Regiment
Panzer III (Plastic Box)
Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H medium tank (plastic)
Pike & Shotte Cavalry plastic boxed set
Pike & Shotte Infantry Regiment plastic boxed set
Polish Vistula Legion
Prussian Landwehr regiment 1813-1815
Saxon Ceorls
Scots Covenanters plastic boxed set
Scots Lancers boxed set
Sherman Firefly Vc (Plastic Box)
Spartans: Spartans plastic boxed set
Swedish Infantry Regiment boxed set
T-34/85 medium tank (plastic)
T34/76 Medium Tank
US Airborne plastic boxed set
Unmarried Zulu Impi
WWII British Infantry plastic boxed set
Woodland Indian Tribes