HPS Ancient Warfare Series : Multiple Title Selections

HPS Ancient Warfare Series : Multiple Title Selections
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HPS Ancient Warfare Series : Multiple Title Selections
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General features: In addition to the main game engine there is also a scenario editor included which allows players to create their own scenarios from scratch, edit existing scenarios and also create their own Order of Battles. Detailed instructions are included on how to use the editors but also on how to calculate points for your army and even how to modify the stock graphics if a player so desires, called "Paint your own army". Multiple maps are also included in the game covering historical locations and random ones, so a large amount of terrain is available for scenario designers to use creating custom battles.

The Ancient Warfare engine is a hex based, tactical, plot - simultaneous resolution engine. A game turn is composed of 3 phases - Each player assigns commands to his units; movement, changing formation etc. The computer then determines the net effect of these orders as the move is played out. Shooting and combat is automatic. At this point the players watch the outcome. The game then moves on to the next turn.

Game Scale: Each hex represents a distance of 20 meters. Each turn represents 15 minutes of real time.

The game may be played against the computer AI or via E-mail against another person.